14196390 Gnr. J. P. Schultz R.A.

General Service Medal 1918-62 with Palestine 1945-48 clasp to
14196390 Gunner Jens Peter Schultz Royal Artillery

Jens Peter Schultz was one of the 2.500 Danes that volounteered for the British Army in the Autumn/Winter of 1945.

13.3.1946 Jens Peter Schultz enlisted after his arrival in England, and was posted to 21st Training Regiment.

6.10.1946 - Jens was posted to 13th Anti-Tank Regiment R.A. in Palestine (Served in the regiment with at least 30 other Danes).

1.4.1947 - Unit redesignated 20th Anti-Tank Regiment R.A.

20.4.1948 - Jens was discharged and returned to Denmark.