3605 M. A. Jensen 7th S.A.I.

British War Medal to 3605 Private Max Alfred Jensen 7th South African Infantry
Died March 18th 1916 


I first believed that Max was born in Denmark. And that the family immigrated from Denmark to South Africa in 1896. But I guess the family had a trip back to Denmark in 1896. It can be the only explanation on why the records states that the family left Denmark in 1896, and not earlier.

His mother clearly states in a letter, that Max was born in Johannesburg on January 28th 1894. He spoke Danish and was considered as a Dane by the Danish community in Johannesburg.

His father was Niels Christian Jensen and his mother Sophie Caroline Jensen (Born Clausen).
Max lived at 24, Maddison Street, Jeppestown, Johannesburg until his enlistment in the South African Army, November 30th 1915.

His trade on enlistment were "School of Mines".

He had done some previous service with the Rand Light Infantry before the war.

Max served in the field for a very short time. He signed his will February 26th 1916, and was admitted to a hospital at M. Buyri, with malaria on March 10th 1916. A week later Max was diagnosed with dysentery, and died one day later on March 18th 1916 at Voi in Kenya.

He was burried at Voi Cemetery Plot II. B. 3.

Thanks to the now late Gordon Bickley, for his fantastic and very friendly service!

 Voi Cemetery Plot II. B. 3.

Letter from to the Danish Consul from Oluf Larsen, Representative of Danes in Transvaal, regarding the application to have Max Alfred Jensen added to the memorial called "Marselisborg Monumentet":

Johannesburg 23/3/1932
P.O. Box 4689

Mr. Consul General Holger Adolph,
Slotsholmsgade 16
Copenhagen K.

With reference to Danmarks Posten (Newspaper) January 1932, I allow myself to pass the informations of a young Dane in Johannesburg, we lost during the war.

He was son of the recently deceased Mr. M. C. Jensen and his widow Mrs. S. Jensen. Both parents is from Denmark, their children spoke Danish and their home was a good Danish home and gathering place for Danes in Johannesburg, for 40 years. Even though the deceased was born down here, he was considered by us as Danish, and because of that, I presume it would be right if his name could be found on the Memorial in Maselisborg. His mother is informed about my request, but as she is away at the moment, it is difficult to supply you with all the informations described in the newspaper.

The details are:

Name: Max Alfred Jensen
Born: 28.1.1895 Johannesburg
Died: East Africa 1915

I hope that me request on the behalf of his mother will be approved.

With high respect,

Oluf Larsen
Representative of Danes in Transvaal.

Letter from Max's mother, Sophie Caroline Jensen:

August 24th 1932

Mr. Consul General!

Thanks for your kind letter and sympathy, and because of my sons name will be included on the Memorial in Denmark, for those who lost their lives in the war, I am gratefully sending you the details needed.

My sons name: Max Alfred Jensen

Born in Johannesburg South Africa January 28th 1894
Died at Voi, East Africa, March 18th 1915 (Dysentery).

Should more informations be needed, please refer to my brother living in Copenhagen:

Emil Clausen

Arendalsgade No. 1 3rd floor
Copenhagen East.

With respect,

Yours truthfully
Sophie Caroline Jensen
33 Ashford Road
South Africa